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Poster: Visual16 Date: Dec 8, 2004 7:54pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: making DVD from MPEG2 hi res format

I have found an amazing way to make TMPGEnc work (seriously!)a lot better by placing these special "" custom made template files in the "templates" folder and moving the regular ones away to a temp folder. It's freeware from Getting them from there is sort of a maze but the site itself is a great, free resource! Anyway, what used to be that ugly checkerboard pixelation was gone when I switched to these tiny 6kb files. There is one for each format that TMPGEnc does. Remember to place the default templates (.mcf files)in another folder before running the program. You will love the results!

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Poster: thejake420 Date: Feb 6, 2005 1:43pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: making DVD from MPEG2 hi res format

Hiya -

I'm Jake, the owner of, and creator of the TMPGEnc templates. I just happened to notice this thread while going through my site's recent logs (been getting a lot of hits from this thread... thanks!), and wanted to mention that the templates were updated a couple of times over the last year or so, so be sure to grab the latest version.

Also, since it was mentioned that the site can be a bit of a maze (it's an absolutely HUGE site...), you can access the download page for the TMPGEnc templates here:

Check them out, use them, pass them around to friends... It's 100% freeware. Always will be. :)

Mainly due to the fact that I run a video-related tech support site, I happen to be an expert TMPGEnc user, and I just wanted to help everybody out, since TMPGEnc can be a major pain in the butt for beginners. It is, however, worth investing the time to learn, as it is a professional quality MPEG encoder. In fact, it is routinely used by video game companies to render the video sequences in "cut-scenes" (the little movies after you beat a boss or finish a level, etc.)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and definitely tell your friends about It's totally free, and it's one of the best resources ever for video-related tech support, especially MPEG format.